The Persian LGBT Advisory service provides a range of services aimed at meeting the needs of Asylum seekers who come to live in the UK.Due to the nature of our work with asylum seekers we look at each case individually and explore where we can assist and when we need to work with other groups and LGBT organisations to meet our clients needs.

As a guide, we can provide a range of services including:

  • General Signposting on claiming asylum and living in the UK,
  • Advice on accessing health and other statutory services,
  • Assistance finding a solicitor,
  • Assisting clients to apply for support from NASS (National Asylum Support Service),
  • Assistance with completing any forms relating to your asylum case or benefits,
  • Interpreting at Court, Police Stations, Home Office, Doctor’s (GP) and Hospitals,Apply for HC2 Certificate.
  • Assisting clients to write to Members of Parliament or other representatives,
  • Assistance finding and enrolling in English courses at local colleges or resource centers.

If you require assistance and you are an Asylum seeker please contact us.


سازمان حمايت إز همجنسگران إيراني مقيم بريتانيا
با فرآهم كردن خدمات به پناهجويان همجنسگراي ايراني به عنوان يك سازمان غير انتفاعي و فرا جناهي عمل ميكند
خدمات اين سازمان ؛
١.فراهم كردن وكيل مناسب و بي طرف براي متقاضي و فرد پناهجو با توجه به وضعيت أقامت و پرونده پناهندگي
٢.فراهم كردن مترجم براي مصاحبات وزارت كشور و وكيل، دكتر،پليس،غيره
٣.هر گونه مكاتبات با سازمانهاي ذيربط
٤.ثبت نامه متقاضي با دكتر محلي و سازمان محلي بهداشت
٥،ثبت نام متقاضي با دانشكده محلي براي تحصيلات دريادگري زبان انگليسي
٦،حضور حاميانه در مصاحبات و دادگاهاي مربوط به وضعيت اقامت و پناهندگي
٧.بر پايي مجالس اجتماعي براي همجنسگرايان إيراني و فارسي زبان